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Since 2015, DCA— The French national network of contemporary art centres has worked with European artistic institutions to develop a network of art centres which is established on a large area including western Europe, Scandinavia, southern Europe and eastern Europe.

Although faced with differing political and socio-economic contexts and everyday experiences, contemporary art centres in Europe share common cultural practices, concerns and values.

In 2022, DCA and its partners announced the inaugural edition of the European Assembly of Contemporary Art Centres, a series of meetings which will take place on Tuesdays 8 March, 12 April, 10 May & 7 June.

Scientific Committee


Founded in 1992, DCA is a national network that unites 51 contemporary art centres from all over France.

Supported by the French Ministry of Culture and the Institut français, DCA is a highly respected network, a French cultural policy actor that connects institutions across the country, in the service of access to art and culture for all.


Website and Visual Identity

The website for the European Assembly of Contemporary Art Centres was designed and produced by the Brussels-based graphic artist Loraine Furter, who is specialized in editorial design, hybrid publishing, and intersectional xfeminism. The visual identity was designed in collaboration with Laurie Charles. The fonts in this website were designed by the collective Bye Bye Binary (Baskervvol), Clara Sambot (DINdong) and Anja Meiners (ABeeZee).

Première Assemblée européenne des centres d’art contemporain

First European Assembly of Contemporary Art Centres