This Time We Talk
About gender

1/4 Tuesday 8th March 2022

Tuesday 8 March 2022

Summary of the meeting (PDF)

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Discussions lead and moderated by Julia Morandeira with the participation of Elfi Turpin

This first meeting, adopt a social, economic, and historical perspective as a way to map and deconstruct the structural and material conditions that give rise to unequal institutional practices. Are considered multiple approaches to organising the cultural sector that are situated at the crossroads of feminist, post-colonial, queer, and intersectional thinking.

The historical and socio-political conditions of gender inequality and exclusion

Angela Dimitrakaki & Elke Krasny

How to exhibit as a feminist?

Xabier Arakistain & Elisabeth Lebovici

Art can act as a vantage point to observe and to reflect upon systemic inequalities. Social relationships shape our lives, and some art works have the ability to demonstrate the mechanisms through which this occurs. Art works and the curatorial practice, due to its political nature, are tools to sustain or challenge the status quo in every specific historical context. How can we go beyond a policy of parity in both curatorial teams and the presence of women in exhibitions? How might we curate “feminists exhibitions", and affront sex, gender, sexual identity, class and race inequalities in a manner that surpasses mere representation in institutional programs?


Première Assemblée européenne des centres d’art contemporain

First European Assembly of Contemporary Art Centres