This Time We Talk
About gender

3/4 Tuesday 10th May 2022

Tuesday 10 May 2022

Summary of the meeting (PDF)

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Discussions lead and moderated by Céline Kopp with the participation of Manuel Segade

This third meeting focuses on the preparation and development of a common Europe-wide strategy with the presentation of tools, methodologies, transformative actions, and true equality measures.

Taking Care: Revaluation of Practices and Ethics of Care

Julie Pellegrin & Helena Reckitt

How can we talk in a non-judgmental environment amongst peers felt like a constructive step towards unlearning unsustainable work habits? How can we imagine ourselves operating as part of a caring alliance? How can we push back against exploitative working conditions? How can we develop propositions for new habits and structures in which care would be more equitably valued, remunerated, and distributed? How can we care with others? How can we develop more reciprocal forms of care, based in the redistribution of resources, between curators and the artists, institutions, communities and publics?

Hospitality and Diversity Politics, The Ambivalences of Access

Iris Dressler & Nanne Buurman

Who hosts whom and to what ends? How can we be inclusive without reproducing given power structures? How can we create safer spaces without depoliticizing art institutions? How can we enable participation without paternalism? How can we avoid stabilizing given epistemologies by simply expanding canons and broadening audiences? How to deal with the risk of inclusion as a means of regulation and normalization? How do we avoid a moralizing self-purification of curatorial practices? How can we acknowledge art's / our complicity with capitalism, colonialism and patriarchy?


Première Assemblée européenne des centres d’art contemporain

First European Assembly of Contemporary Art Centres